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Promotion Policy

Academic Progress:


Parents receive grade reports three times per year for Preschool and Primary classes, and six times per year for Intermediate and Secondary classes. The student will receive the report grade and shall return it to the administration office signed and approved by the students’ parents or guardians. It is noted that the administration has changed the grading system and the grades are distributed as follows:





95 -100


High Distinction

90 - 94.99



85 - 89.99



80 – 84.99


 Very Good

75 – 79.99



70 – 74.99



65 – 64.99



60 – 64.99



Below 60





Promotion Policy:


At the end of each academic year the administration along with the academic committee will decide whether the student is qualified to be promoted to upper class or to sit for a make up exam or repeat the class.

Conform to the policy of the new curriculums; the school adopted the automatic promotion policy for Nursery and Preschool classes. As to the promotion policy for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary classes, it comes as follows:

·        Passing grade of each subject is 60 over 100. Hence, the students with an average of 60 and above in every course will be promoted to an upper class.

·        The students fails if:

1.      The average is below 60 in two core subjects (Arabic language, English language, Math and Sciences) even if the yearly Average is above 60.

2.      The Average is below 60 in at least one core subject and at least two minor subjects (French Language, History, Geography and Civics).

NB: Students, who are required to pass a make-up exam, must prepare seriously during summer and commit to the date set by the school. The student who passes the test will be promoted and those who fail will repeat.


At the beginning of the academic year, the school administration office will distribute the schedule of appointments that enables the parents to meet the teachers. We urge the parents to commit to the schedule. In case the parents could not make it on time, please call the administration office to set an appointment. The administration holds Parents/ Teachers meeting twice per year for all the classes after the distribution of the Term I and Term II grade reports.


Parents can stay up to date about the progress of their child(ren) through the quizzes, term exams and daily homework and projects, as well by direct contact with the school’s administration office.