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Your Source for Hearing Information, Products and Technology!

Welcome to THE HEARING CENTER ONLINE an informative, fun and interactive community for those who are hard of hearing and everyone who cares about them.

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Fun Center

Ms. Ears Frequently Asked Questions & Trivia
Do you have a question about hearing? Take a look at Ms. Ears' FAQs page for answers to a multitude of hearing-related questions from real people about hearing and hearing loss.

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The Interactive Ear
Great "Flash" presentation about how the ear works!

How Does A Hearing Aid Work
Great "Flash" presentation about how a hearing aid works!

Ear Wax Museum
The history of Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices.

Sign Language
Some simple signs to get you started.

Fact or Fiction?
Test your knowledge about hearing with these true or false questions.

Famous Ears
Famous people affected with hearing loss... Facts, Quotes and Stories.

Name That Sound
What does hearing loss sound like?

Stories From The Heart
Chicken Soup for the Ear?  Do you have a story to share?

Hearing Related Games
Check-Ears, Puzzles, Crosswords, etc.

Surf & Search 

How to Contact Us
Hearing Center Online Staff, Audiotech Corporate Offices and Investor Inquiries.

Search Help
Tips on how to use our built in site search engine to search this web site.

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spiderman_killah_ver_ebootpbp Search This Site
Enter a word you're looking for and see if it is mentioned anywhere in this web site.

One big loop of hearing related web sites (allows you to jump from site to site in order, see a list of sites, or choose sites randomly - if you just want to see what is out there without specifically knowing what you're looking for.)

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Webmasters - Join the WEB EAR-RING
A great way to increase traffic to your hearing related web site and join the hearing center online community.

Tell Us Your Thoughts
- We value your feedback ... good or bad ... Letís work together to solve the hearing needs of tomorrow Ö today! Please feel encouraged to contribute your thoughts and ideas to help this community grow and become even more valuable for everyone.

Fill Out the Survey
You could Win A Prize! Your information will NEVER be made available to a third party and it will help us with the research, the development, and the planning of this website.

Products & Tech.

Hearing Products& Reviews

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Helpful new products and assistive listening devices that you can purchase directly online.

Hear: The News
The latest Industry News as well as Technology and medical breakthroughs ...

Books, Journals, Videos...
for adults, parents, teens and children of all ages. Great resources that have helped others deal with issues surrounding the hard of hearing

Get your FREE Ms. Ears trivia screen saver for WIN95/98/NT and a FREE Sign Language Teaching Program for WIN95/98/NT.

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the breast is yet to come Hearing Resources 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (Ms. Ears)
Real questions from real people with real answers from our audiologists.

Hearing Dictionary

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Don't know what something means? Look it up here!

Understand Your Hearing Test
Hearing Test Questionnaire, What is an Audiogram? ...

Noise & Safety

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How to protect yourself and those you care about!

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What Hearing Loss Sounds Like

Name that sound!

Anatomy Of The Ear
What are the different parts of the ear and what do they do?

Hearing Aids
Different types of hearing aids, hearing aid features and how they all work.

ALDs (Assisted Listening Devices)
What are Assistive Hearing Devices? How can they help? Some examples ...

Hear: The News
The Latest Industry News as well as Technology and medical breakthroughs ...

Urban Myths
Common Misconceptions about hearing ...

For Concerned Parents
Answers to questions and information for parents of children with a hearing disability ... 

How to Select a Hearing Clinic
How to make an educated decision and the right choice of clinic for you  ...

Your First Hearing Aid
What you should expect ...

My Hearing Aid Doesn't Work
Troubleshooting common problems with hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

Services for the Hearing Impaired
There are many organizations and services out there that can be of help.

Hearing WebSite Reviews
Favorite Hearing Web Sites with valuable information.

Newsletter-Subscribe & Archives
Be kept up to date through our FREE email newsletter

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